Tip Shaper - Tip Scuffer - Mushroom Repair - Tip Burnisher

Dime Tool

"Q-Wiz" Shaft Cleaner & Burnisher

In my opinion, the Q-Wiz is the best abrasive shaft care product made. I tried to do better but gave up and had them private labeled for Last4Ever. I suggest that you knock down the abrasive side by rubbing two Q-Wiz's together or rubbing it against some light sandpaper.  Clean with abrasive side and burnish with finished leather side. ​


                        Pro Tool

"Pro Tool" is a sleeker version featuring a dime radius with a less aggressive abrasive in the radius.  

It also has the scuffer for tip maintenance between shaping.​

               Leather Burnisher

Leather Burnisher with suede side for cleaning and initial burnish, finished side for final burnishing.  

You cannot wear down your shaft using this product.​

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Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

The LAST tip tool you will EVER buy!

4 Different Models to Choose from 

Original 4 way tool  "Dime" radius

Original 4 way tool "Nickel"  radius

"Combo" tool with both Dime and Nickel radius

 Sleek and less abrasive "Pro" tool in dime radius

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                                                                                               Combo Tool

"Combo Tool" has both Dime and Nickel radius shapers plus Mushroom repair and Tip burnisher.  This tool is ⅛" thicker than the original tip tools and the Pro model. ​

Nickel Tool

The "Original" 4 way Last4Ever Tip Tool where each side of the tool has a specific function

1 - Center Left: Radius side to shape or reshape tip radius
2 - Center Right: Recessed flat side to Scuff tip without removing any leather material. Recessed so it will not scratch furniture
3 - Right: Abrasive edge for mushroom repair 
4 - Left: Leather edge for tip burnishing.

Available in either Dime or Nickel radius as shown below:

Shaft Burnishers also available from Last 4 Ever 
Leather - suede on one side for cleaning and finished on the other for burnishing
Q-Wiz - mild abrasive on one side for cleaning and smoothing, finished on the other for burnishing​

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