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Like many players I have also experimented with various tips and finally came to the conclusion that while there is tremendous focus on cue makers, shafts, types of tips, pool table brands and cloth manufacturers there has, in my opinion, been too little focus put on the actual maintenance and condition of the tip.  I'm not saying there aren't a lot of tip tools out there, what I am saying is there isn't a tool that handles all the tasks required and does each one "best in class."  Check out the "Compare the Facts" and "Why Choose Last 4 Ever" pages on this web site.

Over the past 30 plus years I have purchased just about every tip tool that has come to the marketplace. Unfortunately, I usually discard them because they basically didn’t do what I wanted, which is to maintain the shape and surface of my tip.  I decided to fiddle around with making one that would actually do what it should… maintain my tip!  There are a few out there that one or two functions work well, like Kamui’s Gator Grip for scuffing and Wolfbite’s for shaping but none did it all, especially not well... until now.  I'm talking about an easy to use, effective tool that is not loaded up with gimmicks and marketing fluff.

I experimented with various abrasives from Industrial Diamonds to Silicon Carbide.  I have finalized the design that I believe serves all masters.  And, after “losing” a number of my tools to friends, I decided patent the design and begin manufacturing them.  My current product line offers canvas backed Aluminum Oxide abrasive mounted on solid aluminum bar stock.  I stopped making Silicon Carbide tools because they were just too aggressive, and, I stopped making wood tools because they were not as exact and durable as the aluminum tool. Two models of shaft burnishers are also available via the online store on this website.

After making them myself in my shop for 5 years I finally succumbed to the volume and workload and made the decision to have them made by a factory.  I hate to admit it but they do a much better job than I did resulting in a much more finished and consistent product.  

This website will continue to offer the tools direct, and, you can order them from, eBay, AZ Billiards as well as select web wholesalers such as Seybert's and Ozone billiards and local pro shops.  There are also a few pros that have territorial rights to sell them including Rodney Morris in California and Hunter Lombardo in New York.

I hope you try one of my tools, and please, I am always looking for ways to make it better so all comments are encouraged and welcome.


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Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

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The origin of the Last 4 Ever tip tool....

I have enjoyed pool for over 35 years and I continue to be an avid pool player. Unfortunately for me, I play much, much better in my mind than on the table.  While I have maintained my own equipment for quite some time, over the past decade I have gotten much more serious about it and have invested both time and money in a lathe and learning about shaft, ferrule and tip construction and performance.  I enjoy collecting and playing with various cues from production to custom.