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How Tip Tools are made

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Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

Each tip tool starts as a machined blank cut from a solid piece of bar stock Aluminum.  For the "Original" tool, a medium grit abrasive is applied to the concave radius for the tip "Shaper," heavy grit abrasive is applied to the flat base to be used as the "Scuffing" surface and a finer grit abrasive is applied to the "Mushroom Repair" surface.  Finished cow hide is then applied to the remaining surface to be used to "Burnish" the tip sides following mushroom repair.  The burnishing adds to both the appearance and performance of the tip as it hardens the side surface.

Each tool end is then embossed with either a "D" for the dime radius tool or an "N" for the nickel radius tool. See the instruction page for a full explanation of use.  The "Original" dimensions are 1" x 3" x 1/2".  I have had inquiries from Europe and Asia where the Dime / Nickel terminology is pretty much useless... if you draw a circle with a 19mm diameter you will see the Dime shape, and, if you draw a circle with a 22mm diameter you will see the Nickel shape.

The process is slightly different for the "Combo" & "Pro" models.  The "Combo" model has both Nickel and Dime radius plus the Mushroom Abrasive and Tip Burnisher. 

The "Pro" model is has a Shaping and Scuffing surface only, and, has a much finer grit on the shaper to maintain the shape versus create the shape.  The tool does not have the Mushroom Abrasive or Tip Burnishers since the pros have access to cue mechanics at almost every venue.