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Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

The LAST tip tool you will EVER buy!

"The tools work exactly as they are intended to...  the best tool on the market today... nice work!…" 
Scott Lee, PBIA Master Instructor

“5.0 out of 5 stars FINALLY... the perfect cue tip tool!!   I've tried many cue tip shapers over 30 years of playing pool and have always been disappointed to varying degrees... until now. Recently I tried searching in the "AZ Billiards" forum (azbilliards.com) where serious pool players post on a multitude of billiard subjects. In the thread "Last 4ever Tip Tool", I found post after post raving (without exception) about a tip tool I had never heard of before, called "Last4Ever". Well, I had to order one. When I received it, it took less than two minutes (literally) before I had a perfectly shaped tip on my favorite cue stick. I highly recommend this product to any pool player who knows the importance of a perfectly shaped cue tip”
By cliff99 (amazon.com Customer Review)

"...better than the ultimate.  I hate having to stop after a couple of turns and get all the tip material out.  Also, I have popped 3 tips off trying to burnish them.  It gets expensive when you use the Kamui tips!!..." 
Allen B. (AZ Billiards)

I carried a Willard Shaper for years in my cue case. About 7 months ago I bought a Last-4-Ever tool and have used only it since then.  It's a great tool and it will last forever. Don't leave home without it….”  
Arizona Pete (AZB)

"I received my aluminum dime tool today.  So impressed I ordered the nickel aluminum tool.  The way this tool is put together and the quality of workmanship is amazing.  And bottom line it really works." 
 Skip (AZB)

"I should put my Gator grip up for sale.  I don't use it anymore.  I like the results from your tool better.  And it does so much more."  
justtapitin (AZB)  

” I think it’s the best tip tool I’ve run across…. no other tool I’ve found does that job at all… yours shapes much quicker and does all the other stuff.  Congratulations on a fine product.” 

Rich K (AZB)

"Just got my tip tool... this thing is the nuts!!! Small and does 4 things... fits just about anywhere.  Every AZ'er needs one in his or her case"  Wedge (AZB)

"I gotta agree that this is a great product.  Perfect Dime on my Kamui and the scuffer is absolutely perfect IMO. A+ product Joel."

Roy (AZB)

“I have tried a number of tip tools in my day, and I usually had a tool for each process individually, shaping, scuffing,trimming, and burnishing. Now I not only have more room in my bag, but I'm convinced this tool will outlast me. It is simple to use and very practical tool that solves all my tip needs. Great product...Thanks Joel”      

1ab (AZB)

“…What I like about the tool is that:
1. The abrasive material doesn't fall off as the tool is being used.
2. While the abrasive may look coarse, it's actually doesn't remove that much of the tip. With a light touch, only the specific part of the tip is removed (or, as say in the ads, shaped).
I also have the Last 4 Ever burnisher. This is really very sweet, as the course side can be washed, restoring the product to like-new condition. 
I've used about every tip tool there is, and Last 4 Ever products are all that I now carry in my case.” 

the chicken (AZB)

"Thank you for designing and manufacturing a simple elegant tip tool that gets the job done."  

ghost ball (AZB)  

"Two years later, and the Last4Ever tip tool is STILL the best on the market! Keep up the good work Joel!” 

Scott Lee,  PBIA Master Instructor

"Your tool is excellent... so far the best I've seen.  And, I've been playing pool for 45 years!"  

Village slim (AZB)  

“I've used a lot of tip tool devices in my life but I have never used one that is as functional as www.last4ever.net   It is by far superior to anything I have used to date. It has gotten so bad at my pool room, that people are coming up to me and asking me to shape their tip, remove their mushrooms, etc. This is happening on a DAILY basis and while I like to try and help out anyone from time to time, I have some of my buddies, digging in my cue case on a daily basis. WTH? “    

JoeyA (AZB)

"Awesome tool.  I love it!  You guys gotta get one."  

shamadam (AZB)

"Gotta say I like it.  Simple in design, yet very functional.  Kinda like a Swiss Army knife for billiards!  I ordered the aluminum dime shape - easy to use.  Small enough to fit easily in my case; will replace a number of other tools I have."  

Rob (AZB)

"I have been trying the Last4Ever tool for the past week and it is by far the best tip shaper/scuffer/burnisher I've ever had..." 

Cengiz S.

"As you know, I bought 3 and distributed two to friends.  I and the people who I gave the tools to think they are great.  They work as advertised and there is a cue-tech tool in the Fort Collins landfill."  

Bruce (AZB)

"Great stuff - international buyers buy with confidence"  

TheThaiger (AZB)

"I have used every tip tool out there and this is the best.  You know I got one then turned around and ordered another for my grandson.  Just holding it you can tell a lot of thought went into it.  And, the quality is super fine."  
Charles S (AZ Billiards)   

"The Last 4 Ever Tip Tool is the bomb.  Works great, good value.…”  

Chris (AZB)

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